Part1 : Learning science - conceptual understanding 

Co-editors: Roser Pinto and Kai Nieberta

Download Esera Ebook Part 1 (4,4Mo) - see in detail 

Part 2 : Learning science – cognitive, affective, and social factors

Co-editors : Silvia Caravita and Albert Zeyer

Download Esera Ebook Part2 (6,6Mo) - see in detail 

Part 3 : Teaching and learning science

Co-editors : Marisa Michelini and Reiners Duit

Download Esera Ebook Part3 (7,6Mo) - see in detail 

Part 4 : ICT and other resources for teaching/learning science

Co-editors : Patricia Marzin and Jari Lavonen

Download Esera Ebook Part4 (4,1Mo) - see in detail 

Part 5 : Nature of science, History, Philosophy, Sociology of Science

Co-editors : Laurence Maurines and Andreas Redfors

Download Esera Ebook Part5 (6,9Mo) - see in detail 

Part 6 : Discourse and argumentation in science

Co-editors : Manuela Welzel-Breuer and Conxita Marquez

Download Esera Ebook Part6 (4,3Mo) - see in detail 

Part 7 : Scientific literacy and socio scientific issues

Co-editors : Virginie Albe and Bob Evans

Download Esera Ebook Part7 (5,2Mo) - see in detail 

Part 8 : Environmental, health and Informal-Outdoor Science education

Co-editors : Miriam Ossevoort and Graça Carvalho

Download Esera Ebook Part8 (7,1Mo) - see in detail 

Part 9 : Science curriculum, educational policy

Co-editors : Jens Dolin and Miia Rannikmâe

Download Esera Ebook Part9 (6,2Mo) - see in detail 

Part 10 : Evaluation and assessment of student

Co-editors : Robin Millar

Download Esera Ebook Part10 (5,1Mo) - see in detail 

Part 11 : Cultural, Social and Gender Issues

Co-editors : Helene Sorensen

Download Esera Ebook Part11 (2,3Mo) - see in detail 

Part 12 : Pre-service science teacher education

Co-editors : Dimitris Psillos and Rosa Maria Sperandeo

Download Esera Ebook Part12 (8,5Mo) - see in detail 

Part 13 : In-service science teacher education

Co-editors : Jouni Viiri and Digna Couso

Download Esera Ebook Part13 (7,1Mo) - see in detail 

Part 14 : Early years science education

Co-editors : Costas Constantinou and Jane Johnston

Download Esera Ebook Part14 (1,9Mo) - see in detail