Has the introduction of ICT and TPE in French secondary schools resulted in a shifting of roles for teachers involved? A case study concerning physics teachers

University Paris, France

Supervisor: Professor Caillot Michel

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Through semi-directive interviews and content analysis of emails exchanged between physics teachers using two institutional mailing lists, we have tried to evaluate the new and changing roles and practices of teachers since the introduction of TPE and ICT in French high schools. The archives of these two lists are a rich source of the typical exchanges which occur between physics teachers and a good example of how the ones who participate contribute to the community, but also benefit from the community. The real and functioning teaching networks created by physics teachers count among the first relevant and concrete examples of such virtual communities. This new approach to education creates truly collaborative learning opportunities guided by shared aims and objectives. The interviewed physics teachers consider ICT and the use of mailing lists as elements which have inserted themselves naturally alongside other more traditional teaching methods and practices. For them, the lists can thus be likened to a kind of ongoing at distance training course. Furthermore, participating teachers are in the process of rapidly sharing and redistributing information and methods, this contributes to the ongoing training of the community based on practical experience. The interviews have clearly shown the changing role of physics teachers who in the context of TPE are more and more viewed by their students as active collaborators and guides in the learning process. Teachers when commenting about the positive aspects of TPE have emphasized the improvement and renewal of teacher - student relationships as well as the development of a higher level of student autonomy.

Full reference for the thesis
Kalogiannakis Michail, (2004), Après l’introduction des TICE, puis après la création des TPE au lycée: de nouveaux rôles pour les professeurs? le cas en sciences physiques, PhD Thesis, University Paris 5 - René Descartes

Superviser: Professor Caillot Michel, University Paris 5 – René DescartesLaboratory: Education et Apprentissages (EA 3626)45 rue des Saints Pères75270 Paris – Cedex 06

Address for correspondence:
Kalogiannakis Michail
G. Gennimata 18
71305, Heraklion - Crete
Tel. +302810361514, +306944195634
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This PhD is published in French after some modifications and the reference of the book is:

Kalogiannakis, M. (2004), Réseaux pédagogiques et communautés virtuelles: de nouvelles perspectives pour les enseignants, Paris: L’Harattan, 340 p.

Some journal articles in English that present the PhD work are:

Kalogiannakis, M., (2003), New steps in the organisation of the school activity in the French secondary schools: the changing role of physics teachers, In Constantinou, C. and Zacharia, Z. (Eds), Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Computer Based Learning in Science CBLIS’03, pp.762-770, Cyprus

Kalogiannakis, M. (2003), Information and Communication Technologies in class practice: a case study of secondary physical sciences teachers, Welsh Journal of Education, Special Issue on ICT, Vol.12, N°1, pp.64-74

Kalogiannakis, M. (2004), A virtual learning environment for the French physics teachers, Education and Information Technologies, Vol 9, N°4, pp.345-353

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