According to the constitution, the Executive Board of ESERA comprises nine members.

Seven are elected and two participate ex-officio, as organisers of the next conference and summer school. Each elected member has a term of four years. In this election, we have to vote for six positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer and three new members of the Board. One member of the Board – Fatih Tasar – was elected at the last conference for the period of 2009 to 2013. We have two nominations from the UK for the position of Board member. Please note that, based on the ESERA constitution, the seven elected members need to be nationals of different countries. There are four separate decisions that need to be made: each member of ESERA can vote for up to one candidate for each of three positions (President, Secretary, Treasurer) and you can also vote for up to three candidates for the position of member of the executive.

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