Every year ESERA arranges travel awards, of up to 1000 euros each, to enable people who are currently enrolled in doctoral studies or who were awarded their doctorate in the past three years to travel to research venues.

The awards are intended to enable early career ESERA members to visit more experienced science education researchers in other countries. The awards are designed for researchers to share existing expertise in order to resolve an issue of concern in an awardee’s work or to otherwise advance their research efforts. The awards can be used to pay for travel, accommodation and subsistence. They are competitive and applications are judged by a panel, including ESERA Executive Board members, and external members on the basis of the following criteria: (a) clarity of intended outcome; (b) feasibility of intended outcome; and (c) likely contribution to professional development of applicant. The following students have been offered, and have accepted, an ESERA ECR Travel Award for 2018. Congratulations to: (1) Silvia Alcaraz-Domínguez; (2) Georgios Ampatzidis; (3) Dennis Danipog; (4) Pantelitsa Karnaou; (5) Sila Kaya; (6) Magdalena Kersting; (7) Sabela Fernández Monteira; (8) Isabel Pau; (9) Sofie Van den Eynde; and (10) Constance Cirkony.