The ESERA Executive Board invites proposals from established science education research groups to host the ESERA 2021 Conference.

Interested colleagues’ proposals (in electronic form) should reach ESERA board member, Bob Evans before January 31, 2019. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proposals should contain the following:

  • the applicants’ names, institutions and a 2-page CV for each
  • the names of the local organizing committee members
  • the proposed location of the conference (with a description of the venue)
  • details of previous involvement of the organizers in ESERA events and a rationale (500-1000 words) indicating why the proposal should be chosen

Things to know

  • Countries where the conference has not previously been held are encouraged to apply
  • The board is interested in locations accessible (both geographically and financially) to a large number of European science educators. This includes sufficient economical accommodations in the community for non-institutionally funded attendees.
  • A venue near or at the organizer’s university facilitates can help with organization and planning.
  • Facilities need to be able to accommodate approximately 1400 attendees with a plenary room for about 900, about 25 parallel session meeting rooms and eating facilities.
  • WiFi needs to be widely available in all meeting rooms, strong enough for simultaneous use by many participants.
  • The conference is mainly self-funded with a small percentage provided by the ESERA Board.
  • The principal organizers are expected to attend the conference in Barcelona in 2019.
  • A review of recent conferences can provide examples of fees and costs

The time line for selecting the ESERA 2021 conference organizers

  • Announcement call September 2018
  • Applications due January 31, 2019
  • Decision made at ESERA Board meeting in March 2019
  • Two organizers of 2021 attend the 2019 conference in Bologna (August 26 – 30 and 31st for the Board meeting, 2019)