Dear colleagues, science education researchers,

I would like to use the precious opportunity of us meeting in Bologna to offer you an informal meeting for the purpose of establishing a new Special Interest Group (SIG) under ESERA.

The prospective focus of the SIG is eye-tracking - the use of eye-tracker to uncover some of so far unresolved questions in science education. After discussing this with several colleagues who have been working in this field, there are several research interests we might share and foster together. Here are our thoughts:

Mapping students‘ understanding to macro-, micro- and sub-micro representations In textbooks In problem tasks In simulations (such as applets) Strategies students use (and problems students face) when solving science problem tasks Supporting vs. limiting strategies Problems with knowledge, reading skills, with the task itself

In case you are interested, please join us on XYZ at XYZ in the room XYZ.

Looking forward to meeting you

Martin Rusek

Charles University in Prague