The ESERA Executive board invites members to form Special Interest Groups.

Within the ESERA organisation there are presently five Special Interest Groups (SIGs); see top menu on the ESERA web page.These groups facilitate communication and cooperation between ESERA members sharing research interests on a specific issue (either thematic or methodological). SIGs are active in connection with ESERA conferences, and they also have the opportunity to organise separate events (eg SIG workshops) between conferences and to receive support from the ESERA board for this. The Board believes that there is potential for additional Special Interest Groups within ESERA, and we invite anyone who is interested in forming such a group to follow the guidelines given under the SIG banner on the ESERA web page and to get in touch with Ellen K. Henriksen, who is the ESERA board member with special responsibility for SIGs (e.k.henriksen[at] Now is the time to start forming a SIG if you would like to arrange a kick-off meeting and possibly a symposium during the ESERA 2017 conference!

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