Dear colleagues,

As already announced at ESERA 2017 we now launch the project of a second edition of the book:

Zeyer, A., & Kyburz-Graber, R. (Eds.). (2012). Science | Environment | Health. Towards a Renewed Pedagogy for Science Education. Dordrecht, Boston, London: Springer Verlag.

For more about the book click here. The book is programmatic for the ESERA Special Interest Group Nr 4, and chapters have been downloaded more than 5000 times. The second edition is planned to be part of the ESERA book series.

CALL: If you are interested in contributing a chapter to this second edition, please submit a proposal --> to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

--> DEADLINE: July 2018. Notice: The book will be an important issue at the SIG4 intermediate conference in Kiel, Germany, on 19-21th of August 2018.

Your submission must contain the following points:

1. AUTHOR(S) OF Chapter:

a. Name(s) in full

b. Academic/professional affiliation(s)

c. Postal Address

d. Telephone number

e. Fax number

f. Email

2. PROPOSED TITLE: (Please note: the title should be a short, clear reflection of the research/work done).


(a) Words in manuscript (between 6000 and 9000 words per chapter)

(b) Manuscript pages (ca. 500 words/page)

4. Description and purpose of chapter (minimum of 200 words):

5. Unique selling points (4-6 reasons why this chapter is likely to appeal to the core audience, for example, what differentiates this chapter from the current literature?)

We expect to accept 4-8 new chapters. -

-> Notice that this call has been agreed with the publisher. However, the book proposal is not yet definitely accepted. This will depend on the quality of the received chapter proposals.

Please feel free to share this call with colleagues who might be interested. We are looking forward to your submissions.

The book editors:

Albert Zeyer (Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland)

Regula Kyburz-Graber (University of Zurich, Switzerland)

New Project 2020 10 15T091940.030

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