About Conference/Scope/Call for Papers : 

"International Conference on Fuzzy Mathematical Analysis and Advances in Computational Mathematics (FMACAM-2020)." is organized by the Department of Mathematics, Ramanujan School of Mathematical Science, Pondicherry University and will be held during March 27-28, 2020. The primary objective of this Three day international conference is to bring together emerging researchers, eminent scientists and worldwide professionals associated with the field of fuzzy mathematics and advances in computational mathematics, and provide a high-quality forum for the discussion and dissemination of recent developments in the area. The conference includes plenary sessions and invited talks by eminent researchers and scientists in the field. Contributions describing original research are invited.

Solicited Papers: The conference invites original contributions in the scientific areas: Fuzzy Mathematical Analysis and Advances in Computational Mathematics.


-Fuzzy Mathematical Analysis :

- Fuzzy Rough Set Theory

- Fuzzy Optimization

- Fuzzy Clustering and Classification

- Fuzzy Computational Techniques in Data Analysis

- Uncertainty Modeling

- Fuzzy Control

- Fuzzy Information Processing

- Fuzzy Approaches in Knowledge Discovery

-  Fuzzy Soft Computing Techniques

- Fuzzy Approaches in Machine Learning

- Clustering Techniques in Data Analysis

- Fuzzy Mathematical Approaches to Information Retrieval

- Computational Algebra

- Computational Group Theory

- Computational Fluid Mechanics

- Computation Number Theory

- Computational Graph Theory