Editors: Roser Pintó & Digna Couso


The ESERA Selected Contributions book “Contributions from Science Education Research” is ready for distribution from Springer Science BusinessContributions from Science Education Media B.V. This book includes 37 edited papers from the most outstanding contribution in the ESERA Conference held in Barcelona in 2005.

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The book is the Selected Contributions from the ESERA Conference 2005. In that Conference, over 540 researchers in the field of Science Education Research met in Barcelona, Spain. This was the fifth biannual ESERA conference since the foundation of the Association in 1995. Researchers came from all over the world from more than 40 different countries, mainly from Europe, but also from Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa. Together with long experienced scholars, more than 150 young researchers discussed their work. As a result, 400 papers were presented in the conference. Interestingly, more than 130 of them were presented as Simposia among different researchers from diverse research groups, providing enriched scenarios where specific themes of Science Education could be more widely discussed.

The present book wants to offer the reader some of these interesting Contributions from Science Education Research. The volume includes edited versions of the 37 most outstanding papers presented during the conference, including the lectures of the invited keynote speakers. All contributions have been selected for their quality, variety and interest, with the aim to offer the present panorama of the Science Education Research field worldwide. The review of these papers was done following a double-blind process which relied on the expertise of a group of distinguishedscholars in the field.

The book is divided in 9 parts, covering a wide range of relevant topics for science education research nowadays, from more general to more specific ones.Part 1 deals with the issue of students’ interest in learning science, discussing the results of international studies such as TIMMS and PISA; presenting science education research results for enhancing students’ interest and studying gender’ issues and its relation with interest in science.Part 2 presents new approaches to Science Education research and discusses the impact of research in actual practice.Part 3 deals with Science Teachers Education, Knowledge and Practices, showing the importance given by the Science Education Research field to teachers, being this the topic with more papers presented both in the conference and the book.Parts 4, 5 and 6 are devoted to research on teaching and learning. We have divided them according to their focus when studying the teaching and learning situation. Part 4 presents papers with a stronger focus in the general process of learning science. Part 5 includes studies focused on the actual teaching and learning of specific scientific concepts. Part 6 presents studies where innovative teaching and learning environments, either formal or informal, are analysed. The remaining three chapters of the book are devoted to specific themes in Science Education which are acquiring a great interest in the last years. These are Part 7 about Models and Modelling, Part 8 about Discourse and Argumentation in Science Education and Part 9 about Multimedia and Computer tools for teaching and learning science.We hope this classification would help the reader, even though the interrelation among different fields of educational research makes possible to classify many of the contributions in more than one of the mentioned sections.

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