Editors: Dimitris Psillos, Petros Kariotoglou, Vassilis Tselfes, Evripides Hatzikraniotis, George Fassoulopoulos & Maria Kallery


This volume includes edited versions of papers presented to the Third International Conference of the European Science Education Research Association, held inscience education research in the knowledge based society Thessaloniki, Greece, in August 2001. The aim of the Conference was to present various perspectives of research in science education in the context of the rapidly developing knowledge-based society.

It offers a global presentation of issues under study for improving science education research in the context of the knowledge-based society at a European and international level. The first chapters handle several theoretical approaches, research overviews and research methodologies as well as the popular topic of teaching and learning of science. The following chapters are devoted to studies related to the development, use and integration of I.C.T. in science education, as well as to science teachers' knowledge and aspirations and to the linking of research to teaching practices. The volume closes with a review of completed or current international research projects which are being undertaken by groups from different countries.

The book is divided in 6 parts, covering a wide range of relevant topics for science education research nowadays, from more general to more specific ones.

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