Editors: M. Bandiera, S. Caravita, E. Torracca & M. Vicentini 

 This volume gives an account of the most recent results of research in science education in Europe, based on a selection of papers presented at the Firstresearch in science education in europe Conference of the European Science Education Research Association held in Rome, at the end of 1997.

It is an overview of the trends in the different disciplines, such as biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics, as well as in more general subjects, such as science and society, teachers' training, teaching and learning.

Compared to the real situation it is a `balanced' picture, adjusted to include similar contributions from all European countries and different fields of research in science education. Consequently, it offers a comparative view of the research activity in countries with different traditions.

In these times when all countries have to face problems arising from some inadequacies of their own education systems in relation to the changes that are occurring both at social and technological levels, this book represents a rich and diverse source which can be a starting point of action and reflection for the main actors in the educational system: researchers, policy-makers and teachers.