The SIG focuses on research which utilizes video as a means to investigate processes of student learning (in- and outside classroom settings) and processes of teaching. The SIG has, thus, a methodological focus but also stresses the importance of research on processes of teaching and learning in contrast to a mere focus on results/effects of teaching and learning. SIG-­‐members can perform research on all age groups and in all science subjects but should have a strong emphasis on using video as an important element of the research method.

(1) Discuss and communicate theoretical frameworks that provide reasons for video-­‐based research and offer criteria with which videos can be analyzed.
(2) Share methodological issues, for instance, which levels of analysis can be used (e.g., nano, micro, meso, and macro levels), what different approaches towards analyzing videos are (e.g. direct coding, analysis of transcripts), how to account for what happens in the classroom, what and how results can be quantified, and how to relate results of video-­‐based research with research on “products” (e.g., tests and questionnaires).
(3) Share technological issues on, for instance, procedures of recording videos in science classrooms or the advantages and limits of software used to analyze video, and their influence on methodological and even theoretical issues.
(4) Discuss how videos can be used in teacher education for both educational purposes and assessment.
(5) Communicate and disseminate theoretical frameworks, approaches, and results in joint publications (books or special issues) and regular meetings of the SIG.
(6) Share analyses and results by regular exchanges and meetings.

Activities conducted until May 2017
(A) Established a Wiki as an information base for all SIG members.
(B) The first SIG meeting was held in December 14-­‐15, 2012 in Lyon. 20 Researchers attended the meeting and 11 presentations on current research projects employing video were held.
(C) Two symposia were prepared for the ESERA 2013 conference. The title of the invited SIG symposium is: “Analysis of videotaped classroom practices: Different theoretical and methodological perspective”. The second symposium is entitled “Video analysis of inquiry-­‐based teaching and learning in primary classrooms”
(D) The second SIG meeting including a workshop about the links between theoretical framework and video analysis took place on September 3, 2013 in Cyprus.
(E) A SIG Video Workshop was held in Brugg, Switzerland, December 5-6, 2014
(F) Meeting at ESERA’s Helsinki conference in 2015 and three symposia by SIG video members: "Scales issues in video analyses of teaching and learning processes" invited symposium, organized by Patrice Venturini; Incorporating video analysis and reflection into teacher education» organized by Kornelia Möller and Seamus Delaney; Teacher-student discourse to scaffold inquiry-based learning» organized by Stein Dankert Kolstø.
(G) A SIG Workshop took place in Paris, November 24-26, with shared, actual video clips for analysis beforehand and on-site.
(H) We will meet again in Dublin 2017!

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