Poem written for the Closing Ceremony by Muireann Sheehan
Everyone who participated in the ESERA Summer School 2012 thoroughly enjoyed themselves and found the experience very worthwhile. As proof of this, please find below the poem that Muireann Sheehan, participant at the ESERA Summer School 2012, wrote for the closing of the ESERA Summer School 2012:

ESERA Summer School 2012
Poem written for the Closing Ceremony by Muireann Sheehan

At ESERA Summer School,
We meet friends both old and new.
Professors, Doctors, Students, Friends,
They laugh and sing ‘till the very end.
We discuss, at length, each country’s fame,
Only to discover we are all the same.
With differences celebrated and similarities discovered,
We go out into the world with new perspectives uncovered.
Here is a verse that is just for some Germans.
I can’t speak the language, I’m still only learnin’.
But remember, póg mo thoin, much is ‘much’ and a car trunk is a boot,
And I will sing Paparazzi just for Knut.
Working Group 3, what a time we have had.
Leaving your company makes me quite sad.
Between feedback and chatting and all we have said,
You have lifted my heart as much as my head.
Alexander and Olivia, our mentors and guides,
Helped us put quantitative-qualitative differences aside.
We discussed and argued and learned many lessons
... But I just have so many more questions!!
For our singers: Sebastian, Magnus and so so many others.
Your music helped all of us become European brothers.
Celebrate your talents, what are really quite special,
Why... your personalities alone can just dazzle.
Maria & Manuela, go raibh míle maith aghaibh, (Directly translated: a thousand thanks be on you)
You both have such kindness and caring to give.
You took time out of your day to care about ours,
And, in my mind, that makes you the biggest, brightest stars.
Goodbyes are hard, but don’t feel blue,
I miss you all and this is true.
But we will meet again at next year’s conference,
I say this with the greatest of confidence.
Video of Muireann Sheehan reciting her poem "ESERA Summerschool 2012"